Student challenge #MijnBesteBordje: eat better with less food miles

Gepubliceerd op 30 november 2021

Enter this fantastic food competition and win € 100,- each!

We challenge you and your roommates: prepare a meal, using only ingredients from farmers in your local community. So, start planning and cooking to prepare the best local dish you can find: #MijnBesteBordje (myfinestplate). What choices do you make in collecting the best ingredients? Join this competition and compete with other student groups to get a hold on that prize money: € 1.000,-!

Contact or Inspiration

Please call Hetty Flierman via 038 499 81 46 or send an email


On this specific webpage, you will find a limited overview of some great local stores which specialize in regional product:

Registration and entry move forward

Several student groups from Enschede and Zwolle have already signed up. We want to give as many students as possible the opportunity to participate. Therefore, the deadline to register has been extended to 29 November 2021. And the date on which you have to deliver your entry via social media has been postponed until 20 December 2021.

Please subscribe, and start shooting your local food video!

You have to take two actions to enter the competition:

  1. Please register your student cooking group before 29 November 2021: register student challenge #MijnBesteBordje
  2. And please deliver your entry for this competition before 20 December 2021.

Register student challenge #MijnBesteBordje

How do you post your entry?

Please share your cooking video on your Instagram or Facebook page. You can also use your Twitter account or your LinkedIn page. Always make sure that you use #MijnBesteBordje. And give an impression of your search for local ingredients. Finally, count the number of food miles that your dish has traveled. More information can be found in our general conditions section on the website.

How are we going to judge your entries:

The expert jury consists of:

  • Irene Prinsen-Bruins, dairy maker, agro-diëtist en entrepeneur on Erf1
  • Robin Haakmat, shareman Slow Food Youth Network Netherland
  • Koen Olde Hanter, dealmaker Short Chain from the province Overijssel

An expert jury will judge your #MijnBesteBordje. They:

  • will check the amount of food miles used. This will count for 20 percent of the total score.
  • will check your motivation. And if they are confident about your group motivation, they can assign a 50 percent score to this part.
  • will check the great and original way you present your local dish on your social media channels. This is the last 30 percent

Shopping money: everybody in your group receives € 10,-

Everybody in your group receives ten euros to finance your local grocery list. You’ll receive this amount after submitting your first video.

General conditions for entry
  • Prepare a main meal using as much locally produced ingredients, by farmers in Overijssel, as possible.
  • Your cooking group must consist of at least three contestants, up to a maximum of ten participants.
  • You have to enlist your group before 29 November 2021, using this online form in which you mention the name of your group, your IBAN and the list of participants.
  • After receiving a conformation of your participation, your time window for completing the challenge will end on 20 December 2021.
  • After our conformation, you will receive your shopping fee, based on the number of participants.
  • Your entry in this competition will consist of a digital report which you share on your social media accounts. Please mention the number of food miles, your motivation and a description of your shopping and cooking process.
  • By entering this competition, you permit the province of Overijssel to use your entry for publicity purposes, to be shared on the social media channels of Overijssel.
  • The winner will receive a cash price of € 100,- for each contestant in your group, with a maximum of € 1.000,-.